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tv   News  ABC  November 2, 2012 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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you're watching the station that works for you. now, good morning maryland. >> one day left early voting wrapped up on this friday. we will tell you what you need to know before heading out to cast your ballots. >> lending a helping hand to
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those affected by the colorado movie massacre what hospitals are doing to put victims' minds at ease. >> and a look at sandy from a different point of view. before and after shots of the monster storm you do not want to miss on this friday, november 2nd good morning. i am charley crowson. >> i am megan pringle. thanks for joining us. finally friday if there was a week when we were blade glad to see it -- glad to see it this is it. >> one person who deserves a break from the week is lynette charles are you happy it's friday? >> if you go to my facebook page, woo ha all righty. let's talk about what's going on. we are hoping for sunshine but as we look at maryland's most powerful radar we are nice and dry for the most part. let's zoom in to some areas. the only area really that is looking at snow and this is in pennsylvania right now. you get a little mixture there. but all in all, basically dry and we will get the clouds mixing in with the sunshine going throughout the day. be prepared fothat. also, be prepared for cold conditions once again this
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morning. chestertown is at 42 right now. and as we go into towson we are at 40 and hickory at 39. so you know what this means, you need to bundle up as you head out the door this morning and even as we go into the afternoon we are going to be on the cool side. the chilly side and we can see the planner bringing us to 50 degrees by lunchtime. and we are going to see improving conditions as we go into the weekend. stay tuned for that. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. >> reporter: it's friday and we get an extra hour sleep on sunday. doesn't get better than that. if you are traveling north baltimore be aware of a water main break on york road. traffic is reduced to just one northbound lane right now here at cold spring lane and you are looking live at repairs that are underway. southbound travel is now being redirected but if you are headed to the area you want to stick with charles street or 83 as an alternate. no word on when this will be fixed. traveling on the beltway this morning, as we check in and
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look here at harford road actually in parkville, no problems to report. inner loop clear through 95. outer loop at a typical 11 minute right to travel from 95 up to 83. and the west side of 695 nice and clear. 11 minutes as well to travel the outer loop from 795 down to 95. and no problems to the fort mchad beenry tunnel northbound from 695 to the toll plaza looking at a normal 8 minute ride. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic now over to you. >> you might have to wait in line for hours but the voters who have done it say it's worth it. today is the last day to take advantage of yrl i voting in -- early voting in maryland. linda so is in towson live and i know a lot of people want to know when the polls open. >> reporter: they will open at 8 this morning and stay open for 13 hours today. polls will close at 9 tonight. we are at the administrative building at towson university. look ated field -- look at this field and it shows we are close
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to election day. today is the last day for early voting and if the past few days has been any incation rate ready to -- indication, get ready to wait in long lines. line last night wrapped around the building and some voters waited 4 hours to get through the line. early voting has set a record in the state. more than 267,000 cast their ballot early since centers opened in maryland. hurricane sandy forced early voting to be canceled on monday and tuesday but it seems voters are now making up for lost time. >> i really hadn't focused on time. whatever it takes. however many hours it took i was going to stay here until the duration. >> reporter: and today, as we get ready for the last day of early voting, expect more long lines. again the polls will stay open from 8 this morning until 9 tonight. a lot of hot issues. if you want too list of the
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polling centers around you, you can go to the website at and we have a please list and link to the state board of elections where you can find the polling secretarieser in your county. -- center in your county. you can vote at any early polling center in your county where you live. live in towson linda so abc2 news. 5:35. news around the nation right now surviving victims of the aurora colorado movie theater shooting are getting a huge helping hand. the medical bills are being waived. hospitals and insurance companies are working together to make sure none of the patients have to pay expenses out of pocket. it's a sense of relief for the victims. like sarah said heed to have -- she had to have multiple surgeries and stay in the hospital for a month. >> i had a big weight lifted off my shoulders. >> that's the last thing they need to deal with is with billing and everything else. >> so physicians who often bill separately from the hospitals didn't charge the patients either. a thief thought coget away
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with great -- he could get away with gas but he caught himselfand truck on fire and crashed into a home and lucky for you it was caught on camera. you can see him stop, drop and roll trying to siphon the gas. you can see the thief jump out of the burning truck and take off running. the driverless truck crashes into another home torching the garage. lookly the man was arrested -- luckily, the man was arrested. ducks fly south and bear hibernate and salmon swim up stream. >> we will show you a annual tradition. but some say this year the fish are going the wrong way. >> names from middle earth. now one airline is calling on the help of the hobbit to keep passengers' attention.
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why did the salmon cross the road is in the river was overflowed. >> look at you rhyming. it turns out that it was a sight to see in washington state at least. salmon are making the annual pilgrimage up the river. it's a task that is unusually ready grueling and about to get
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tougher for the guys and that's because they are swimming in the wrong direction. >> this is all going crazy now. the fish finding their way all over the road and into the farmland and farmers say oh no. >> it's a hot mess over there. >> lynette that's okay. don't get run over. >> the weather today improving. that's good news. we can see remnants of sandy spinning some snow and also some rain further to the north. we were in on that yesterday. today is going to be a little calmer meaning we will dry things out and get a little sunshine across the area as well but we will have clouds mixing in, too. this is what we are going through right now. another band of cloud so the eastern shore is on the clear side. but we are seeing clouds. that's the scenario cloud sun throughout the day and cold temperatures. so as the kids head out to the bus, make sure you dress them with heavy coats on and even
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going into the afternoon, temperatures are way below average at 53 degrees. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook good morning. >> reporter: good morning. a chilly start and we have problems out on the road. you will want to avoid york road we are dealing with a water main break. right along the southbound lanes near cold fringe spring lane. southbound travel is redreck at the moment. one north -- redirected at the moment. one northbound lane is available. no problems on the jfx heading downtown and this is what 695 looks like at baltimore national pike. traffic is moving along many no delays heading up towards 795. now over to you. you know you are supposed topay attention to the safety briefing before your flight takes off but most times people ignore it. >> listen to this. area -- there he a way to get passengers attention and take notice and using help from middle earth. >> welcome aboard middle earth flight. before we set off on the
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journey i want to impart a story of safety. even if you fly often. >> the airline teamed with up pert jackson who directed the film the hobbit and expect the characters from the movie featured throughoutvideo. jackson even makes an appearance. >> does he have feet? i never seen the movies so. >> that's one of the features of the hobbit. >> now i will run out and rent it. >> stay with us this morning. a boy takes his love of politics to heart especially when he dresses up for halloween. >> we will show you the creative way he came up with an idea a ballot box and he gave his friends a chance to cast their vote. >> also ahead a local hospital getting kudos for showing off the flare. we will tell you how a little dance the routine for breast cancer awareness is putting them in the national spotlight. [ harry umlaut ] the five stages of muller. suspicion: it's yogurt, how good can it be?
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revision. "actually, this ain't bad"? surprise! "look at this cool corner thingy!" desolation. "it's gone." anticipation "hey! there's more in the fridge." [ male announcer ] muller. the european for yummy. thanks for joining us this morning. we have seen pictures from homes under water and cars submerged and families wading through flood waters and now the reality is setting in because people have to put the damning next to what was wf.
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charley has -- before. charley has look at before and after sandy. >> reporter: the website abc has this before and after perspective for you. you can go there and on the right-hand side of the website see the link to before and after regarding sandy. and this is an anews musement park -- amusement park. and from google and the national weather service they put this shot together. this is before the anewsment park -- amusement park and slide the curser over and that's a result of the storm. and one of the more pom lar -- popular aerial shots is the pier the amuse pent park -- amusement park park pier. you slide the curser over and you see the results after sandy made its way through. pier is wiped out but this is one of the more interesting shots i want to show you if you are a nerd about the thingsp you want to see the size and -- things. you want to see the size and
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breath. this is sandy excuse me that's sandy and that's hurricane irene. you see the difference between the side of the storms that had a impact on the east coast northeast more specifically over the past year. megan. >> thanks. travel expected to resume in new york today. amtrak is going to begin limited service. more subways and transit will be up and running and crews came in yesterday and pumped more water out of so many stations. the carpool restriction will stay in effect today so cars have to have three people inthem to drive archbishop the area. work to re-- drive around the area. work to remove the danglingcrane could start today. plan calls for a worker to rotate it using a a hand crank and cables would be used to secure it to a base and bring it down. later it would be lowered to the ground. it snapped on monday in sandied's high wind and it's --
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sandied's -- sandy's high winds and is 90 stores above the street. two former penn state administrators are set to be arraigned today. gary schultz and tim curley faces perjury and obstruction of justice cars in connection to the penn state sex abuse scandal. we gain an hour of sleep this weekend. the purpose is to save energy costs and the practice has been praised and criticized. arizona and hawaii don't take part. vacant homes are coming down in baltimore city. the mayor says the demo project is to eliminate blithe and stabilize the community. mitt romney plans to make his closing arguments to america today in which is contin. -- wisconsin expected to focus on his idea to boost the economy. election day is tuesday november 6th. >> president obama is bringing star power for the final days of the campaign trail. bruce springsteen will perform
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at presidential stops along the way with wisconsin, ohio and iowa on the map and jay-z will perform at an ohio stop. for most kids the major motivation is snag as much candy as possible. matthew gilbert is more concerned about where the candy is placed so he went for halloween as a bolt box. >> -- ballot box. >> this is a box that goes about down to here and it is split in happen when you vote we open it from the bottom and pour out candy and count each one. >> he factor in a 5% margin of airior for candy eaten alone the way. president obama won 90 to 3. gilbert went as ballot box in 2008 and obama won that too. >> pretty clever. we are getting creative for breast cancer awareness. >> carol hospital september put together a video -- center put together a video called the pink dance.
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[ music ] >> i encourage you to check this out it's a fun video and part of a nationwide contest sponsored by medlinech the two three hospitals with the most votes wins 10,000 dollar for breast cancer charity of their choice and we posted the video on our facebook page. >> wait one second. are you dancing? >> she is smiling. >> i love that. that's really good. >> when we have music in play in the studio you might go over to the weather wall and lynette is over there dancing. >> i know. maybe later we will see. temperatures are cold this morning. reisterstown at 41. we are at 40 in ijamsville. huntingtown at 37. and as we head across the eastern shore, we are looking at 44 degrees there in centerville and easton. and galena at 42 and good morning darlington. you are at 38 degrees this morning. so with the temperatures in the
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low 40s and upper 30s, make sure to have the heavy coat as you head out the door this morning. we won't warm up that much and we will have a wind chill for today because we do have the winds out of the west at 5 miles an hour. and all across the board here they will pick up as we go throughout the day at 5 to 15 miles an hour. so, the same scenario that we got yesterday and the day before that. we look at the satellite and radar and the remnants of sandy continue to push the way off to the north. that's what we want. the further the wake is from us the more sunshine we will see. so for today, we will have spokes of clouds moving in and we will have a few peeks of sunshine but the sunshine high pressure will begin to work its way in here going into the weekend. future trend picking up on just that. now we talk about the temperature for today. i am going with 54 degrees. we should be at 60, 61 for this time of the year. even colder by the evening. 35 degrees, 54 again as we head into tomorrow. and check out what happens
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don't forget this sunday, yes, we are going to fall back because we have daylight savings time ends. be prepared. fall back you falling back? fall, fall, there we go. all right let's go back over to lauren. >> reporter: i love that. so happy to get that extra hour of sleep i think everybody is after the hurricane coverage. we have problems in north baltimore. we are dealing with a water main break at cold spring lane. one northbound lane of york road getting by. southbound travels rerouted and headed to the area, you will want to use 83 or charles street instead. as we check in and look outside, here at 59 downtown, everything is moving along at 395. no delays traveling through the fort mchenry tunnel and looking at drive times you will notice 695 going to be in great shape as well. no delays from parkville up to towson and now are look at 11 minutes -- looking at 11 minutes from the outer loop from 795 down towards 95.
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and that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic. now over to you. 5:52 many they plan a wedding they won't forget. >> coming up, the way the bride and groom chose to exchange their vows. it's a good thing they are not afraid of heights. like a lot of things, trying to find a better job can be frustrating. so at university of phoenix we're working with a growing list of almost two thousand corporate partners - companies like microsoft, american red cross and adobe - to create options for you.
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turning to unique weddings on good morning maryland. ones at that took place under water some with mullet tell couples and some in stores. >> how about a wedding in the sky. allen and emily wood love to do adventureous activities and it made sense to say i do 13,000 feet in the air and they held the air mowny in a sky diving plane and took the plunge and the couple convinced the bridal party to suit up and jump out too. >> to do it in a fun way. >> dedicated wedding party. so the sky diving company say this is the first time in the 47 years of history of doing business that they had a couple get married in their plane. >> it's no doubt at all we know bon jovi is proud to cause new jersey home. >> and it's no surprise the rock star is coming back home to help in the recovery
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efforts. we will tell you what he plans to do to help people get backtheir feet. >> a family watches as a tree falls and another. it was caught on camera. we have the reaction when good morning maryland continues. a winter wonderland doesn't just happen. it takes some doing. some coordinating. and a trip to the one place with the new ideas that help us pull it all together. from the things that hang and shine... the things that sparkle and jingle. all while saving the things that go in our wallet. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. trade in any light string and get up to five bucks off the latest holiday leds.
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